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Home Greetings ごあいさつ


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 This meeting, to research the history and culture of Japan and Israel better living goes looking towards the future, has been started in Tokushima.
From ancient Israel in various areas around the world could affect continue has been.
On the other hand, large country give country of about 150 years ago starting Japan also significant influence throughout the world.

 We believe is the one new ground is held by this big two power becomes the one recent and the world.
Already, we technology and tools much some enough hand relies. Considered necessary in the future, draw our own (user) thinking and future dreams and hopes is the.

 We think this meeting, first Japanese Tokushima location, many exchanges conducted, talked about the future and past culture and history while exploring our future lifestyle and business for new.

 Becoming a fruitful meeting past little changed the view that, currently, future pleasures fortunately.
This meeting, people involved in Israel, of course, of interest have exceeded those countries, religion and race meeting we held in Tokushima here, so join us from our heartfelt welcome.




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