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Introduction ご案内

In Japan, there are many myths and legends from ancient times. The "Kojiki" and "Nihon Shoki", etc., there are still some very old books.
In Japan, the ancient Roman trying to understand them based on materials of many researchers are still on research conducted in Sheng.
Meanwhile, Israel has also greatly influenced the history of the world, exploring the events of the ancient Silk Road to the farthest reaches of Japan, and spread the scope of the study.
Than it was before, as well as Japan and Israel as a country, friendly relations between the individual level is growing.
In the wake of this meeting again, could go on thriving in a future-oriented exchanges recognize each other's history and culture, the future of the two countries is probably going to be that great.
If you have a little interest, why do not exchange opinions with us. Starting from the history, present and future lifestyle or business, let's have a meaningful exchange of views.


The Essential 真髄

While studying the history and culture of Japan and Israel, through the exchange meeting, seeking to realize a better life in the future. 

The Purpose(Mission) 目的

Cultural Exchange: the history and traditions of each other, gather information, such as through cultural exchanges, and translate them across the world will.
文化交流: お互いの歴史や伝統、文化など交流を通じて情報収集し、それらを翻訳し、世界に発信していく。

Business Exchange: medical, tourism, agriculture, and food in fields like industry, to promote interaction and exchange dispatch.
ビジネス交流: 医療、観光、農業、料理など様々な産業分野において、交流や交換派遣を推進する。

Exchange experience: a reference to kibbutz in Israel and the woodlands of Japan, seeking a community Japanese-style new build sites can be visited and experience.
体験交流: 日本の里山やイスラエルのキブツを参考に、新しい共存コミュニティを模索し、体験や視察ができる拠点をつくる。

Measurable Objectives: 具体的な方法

History and traditions, and individuals or organizations that research on the culture, in areas of interest, and organize seminars and tours, translation and publishing of data, we will promote and distribute the net.  

Young companies and organizations related to Israel and Japan and industrial sectors will continue to promote exchanges and temporary replacement.

As a base for exchange, we will construct a facility operated by each exchange, Tokushima, Japan and Israel.

Tokushima in cooperation with local governments, and the kibbutz as a reference, and will facilitate the implementation of Special Zones for Structural Reform as a new Japanese-style community.

Others will continue to promote the support of relevant individuals and groups.

These are the targets we want to meet 対象者及び団体

People involved in Israel with an interest in Japanese history, culture, etc and organizations (regardless of nationality, religion)

People involved in Japanese medical, business, etc are interested Israel and organizations (regardless of nationality, religion)

Who has been researching the history and culture of Japan and Israel, etc. and organizations (regardless of nationality, religion)

Those interested in Japan and Israel medical, business, etc and organizations (regardless of nationality, religion)

People involved in Israel to live in Japan including the Tokushima and organizations (regardless of nationality, religion)

People involved in Tokushima, including short term stay in Japan or to travel to Israel and organizations (regardless of nationality, religion)


This is how our organisation will gain.  組織運営について

To participate in the meeting basically is free. On far to join cases actually coming to participate, agreed on the contents of this site first, please register here. このメールアドレスは、スパムロボットから保護されています。アドレスを確認するにはJavaScriptを有効にしてください
Free your participation in the simple procedure.
You may on meeting shall, depending on the planning seminars and tours in advance fee let you expense pay you.
On the far actually cannot participate in the meeting people and organizations you register as a member, please join us than net community site.
Donations from per operation on the significance of the meeting and the buy-in you to you soon. Regardless of individual, groups, so click here first of all please let. このメールアドレスは、スパムロボットから保護されています。アドレスを確認するにはJavaScriptを有効にしてください

当サイトの内容に同意した上で、こちらより会員登録をお願いいたします。 このメールアドレスは、スパムロボットから保護されています。アドレスを確認するにはJavaScriptを有効にしてください
運営にあたり、交流会の有意性そして、賛同いただける皆様からの寄付を心よりお待ちもうしております。個人、団体を問いませんので、こちらよりまずはご一報ください。 このメールアドレスは、スパムロボットから保護されています。アドレスを確認するにはJavaScriptを有効にしてください

Deliverables これまでの成果

This meeting is still fledgling is. We believe new for further promoting friendly relations so far, have been stacked on top of parties between the two countries concerned individuals and organizations and historical study followed exchanges with more of interest.


Project Constraints プロジェクトの制約

This Exchange is meeting a variety of areas related to Japan and Israel for interested individuals, organizations can participate freely.
If, however, to participate in the meeting and net community site you agree to the contents of this site on in advance Member registration please join us.
In addition, regardless of non-members or members in this meeting also substantially complex terms such as race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, so for these items under the laws of thought offensive and attitude, and Japan violates such action and speech and behavior, will be immediately taken appropriate measures.
Also, regarding incidents that occurred in the meeting or an accident such as assume responsibility in this meeting. Their remarks and actions, thorough at your own risk. You may if you have such signs or information in advance, study on the force withdrawal with you.




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